Algae - The Ultimate Biodiesel Feedstock

At early stages of the involvement in the biofuels business, SE Corp recognized that future growth of the industry is dependent upon development of a sustainable renewable alternative feedstock.

SE Corp launched a program to research all possible options with the goal to enter the biodiesel industry with own alternative raw materials. Our research concluded that we would move forward with microalgae.

Why Microalgae
1. Eliminate food vs. fuel competition. Unlike many other raw materials, microalgae do not compete for fresh water nor arable lands allowing to separate traditionally separate food and fuel industries.

2. Mitigate global warming. Microalgae allow to achieve balanced carbon dioxide (CO2) circulation as they absorb CO2 during their growth period, for example, from power plants, refineries, cement producing facilities or atmosphere and release as much (less) CO2 during utilization of microalgae based products.

3. Provide best conversion of CO2, water and energy of sunlight into oxygen and energy rich products. Microalgae are the simplest organisms on Earth that over millions of years of their existence have perfected their photosynthetic mechanism.

4. Achieve superior oil productivity

5. Provide truly green co-products: industrial oxygen, ethanol, biomethane, animal feed, and organic fertilizers

Current Developments
Our analysis of key algae technology players that were interested in bringing their technology to market led to a partnership. With mutual benefits and compatible expertise, we joined our efforts and are now moving forward with building the first facility to cultivate microalgae on a commercial basis.

The problem that we were able to solve together with our technology partner was not to cultivate microalgae in the lab (something that people have been able to do for a long time), but to scale up and mass-produce microalgae on a commercial basis at costs similar to crude oil.

At the moment we are interested in strategic cooperation with other companies for production of algal oil in the biggest biodiesel markets around the world.

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