Biodiesel - Highlights of Polish Project

Industry Development
Although in the past, Polish biodiesel market has seen a relatively minor growth, we believe that additional support for biofuel producers and rapeseed growers, recently approved by Polish government, is one of the major precursors for a growing biodiesel market. SE Corp forecasts that Polish biodiesel market will surge due to several key factors. Some of them are:

  • Global Pursuit of cleaner environment
  • High crude oil prices
  • EU directives

  • These factors will be among the central points for increasing demand and therefore, production of biodiesel in Poland.

    SE Corp has recently announced its decision to enter Polish biodiesel market by establishing a joint venture. We are looking forward to cooperating with companies that understand Polish market and are able to invest equity in the business to set up a biodiesel production plant with annual capacity of 265,000 tones of biodiesel. It will put Poland in a forward moving position of reaching a 5.75% share of bio-components in total fuel usage.

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