Biodiesel - Highlights of Turkish Project

SE Corp has made a decision to enter Turkish green energy sector by establishing a joint venture with a reputable Turkish company investor to build a biodiesel plant with annual capacity to produce annually 80 million gallons of fuel (265,000 metric tons, 300 million liters) for distribution to Turkish market. The decision was based on the following criteria:

  • Short-term payback
  • Long-term profit potential
  • Favorable diesel prices
  • Close vicinity of raw materials
  • Strategic geographical location
  • Readiness for clean fuel

  • Industry development
    Biodiesel is a cost effective environmentally friendly substitute for diesel with a benefit of being produced from vegetable oils such as rapeseed and soybean oils rather than crude oil. It can be readily used in diesel-engine vehicles with minor or no modifications. It has a great potential to supplement the petroleum fuel as the world's primary transport energy source. It is an alternative green source of energy that while burned emits less carbon dioxide than diesel and is almost pollution free in production and use. It is a green source of energy that most of developing countries are switching to.

    European Union is leading the way in the production and usage of biodiesel followed by the United States. The following graphs depict production and consumption of biodiesel in the United States and EU.

    Source: National Biodiesel Board - USA

    Source: Frost & Sullivan

    Turkey's importance in relation to oil markets lies in its strategic location as an energy bridge between the Middle East and Eurasian oil-producing regions and European markets. Having the competitive advantage of being produced from renewable sources, biodiesel has substantial potential to be a cornerstone for Turkey to reduce its dependency on foreign oil. Reliable, low-cost energy is a requirement for Turkey's sustainable development. By adding alternative fuel into its energy portfolio, Turkey will be able to reduce vulnerability to supply disruptions and allow Turkey to become an energy exporting country.

    Biodiesel will help vastly reduce two of Turkey's biggest problems such as air and water pollution and put Turkey into a position of one of the leading environmentally friendly countries on international arena.

    Having invested substantial amounts of time and energy analyzing Turkey's energy sector, SE Corp has secured contracts for a long-term supply of feedstock with reliable producers. We are looking for strategically beneficial relations with companies or individuals who understand the nature of Turkish business and are able to invest equtiy in the business individually or in group with other partners.

    Interested parties please do not hesitate to contact us at

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