Release 1
SE Corp is in planning stage of building a biodiesel plant in the U.S.

Release 2
SE Corp is in development of introducing green Oriented Strand Board (OSB) panels to the U.S. market.

Release 3
SE Corp is considering a possibility of building a biodiesel plant in Turkey.

Release 4
SE Corp conducts biodiesel market analysis of several EU countries.

Release 5
SE Corp has announced interest to find partners to build and operate a biodiesel facility in Poland.

Release 6
Alignment of SE Corp's strategy to build biodiesel plants in Romania, Poland and Turkey was addressed in Biofuels International magazine (September 2007 issue (full version), September 2007 issue (short version)) where light analysis of Turkish biosector along with intention to construct a plant in Turkey were published.

Release 7
SE Corp is pleased to announce that together with our technology partner we have successfully completed a pre-commercial research stage and are now moving forward with construction of the first commercial pilot facility for production of algal oil for biodiesel.

Release 8
Due to the current market conditions, our initial biodiesel plans are on hold. Under the mutual agreement, the algae partner has shifted its focus to producing oils for food and feed industries with a plan to come back to biodiesel when market conditions improve, which means crude oil is consistently traded above 55 USD per barrel.

However, SE Corp started concentrating on developing biological GTL (gas-to-liquid) technology. At this stage the company is developing a natural gas to biobutanol project.

SE Corp also holds rights to an HTL (hydrothermal liquefaction) technology originally planned for processing wet microalgae into biocrude oil. Currently, the team is applying this technology for conversion of abundantly available biomass to biocrude.
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